To best serve our client's needs, ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS offers the following services for roofing, above and below grade waterproofing, glass curtain wall restoration, exterior building restoration/ remodeling, and facility upgrading for single or multiple building projects.
  1. Renewable Energy Consulting and Design
  2. Evaluation and Assessment Services
  3. Pre-Design, Design, and Biding Phase Services
  4. Construction Phase Services
  5. Property Loss Insurance Negotiations Services
  6. Facilities Asset Management Services
  7. Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Services
  8. Laboratory and On-Site Testing Services
  9. In-Progress Florida Code Compliance Inspection Services

1) Third Party Due Diligence Review Services

Considering the purchase of an existing building, or negotiating its purchase price? ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS's team of experienced roofing and waterproofing experts is often called upon to perform due diligence reviews prior to the purchase of an existing building, to protect their customers' investment and minimize the risk of poorly-performing building envelopes that can be extremely expensive and disruptive to repair "after the Fact" Planning a major new facility and need a roofing/waterproofing specialist to review the design documents, to gain more comfort that the building envelope will function properly in protecting your new facility against severe weather conditions for the next 20 years? Prior to the bidding and construction phases of a project, ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS is also called upon to provide detailed reviews of design and construction documents, so that any deficiencies affecting the integrity of the proposed roof/exterior wall components can be addressed early in the project, not during the bidding and construction phases when changes become much more expensive and cause delays of the project.

2) Evaluation and Assessment Services

Unsure of the true requirements for upgrading that "problem" roof ? Need to submit a persuasive, multi-year budget for annual maintenance and repair projects, and look good doing it? Experiencing major problems with a recently completed project? Your solution begins with a thorough, professional, and independent assessment of the existing conditions - based on facts, not guesses or opinions. The cost difference between a "repair" and "replacement" project is substantial, and a comparatively inexpensive assessment can provide the verifiable data you need to make a well-informed business decision. ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS provides comprehensive assessments of roofing and/or waterproofing project needs and provides detailed technical reports that include:

  • Description of the existing project construction and summary of existing conditions, with photographic documentation illustrating representative existing conditions.
  • Laboratory analyses and/or on-site testing as required to verify initial site observations.
  • Recommendations for upgrading existing roof and/or vertical wall construction, including system options that address first costs vs. life cycle costs for budgeting considerations.
  • Multi-year, prioritized program for addressing maintenance, repair, and replacement needs in the most cost-effective manner, considering the remaining useful life of the building component and the customer's business environment and budgetary constraints.
  • Detailed cost estimates based on primary and alternative system upgrades for client approval.

3) Pre-Design, Design & Bidding Phase Services ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS

provides a full range ofpre-design, design, construction document development, and bidding phase services for a wide variety of new and existing building roofing/waterproofing projects, including:

  • Pre-Design and Testing Services
  • ASCE-7 wind uplift calculations, product approval evaluations for roof system material options, fastener pattern design for roof system components, and emergency drainage system design.
  • Cost control through continual budget review.
  • Design-Build Requests for Proposal development services and technical specifications and drawings.
  • Identification and pre-qualification of potential bidders.
  • Management of Pre-bid conferences.
  • Bid review and analyses

4) Construction Phase Services

The appropriate type and amount of support services during the construction phase of any project depends on a variety of factors: type and complexity of the installation, duration of the construction phase, quality of the actual field crew providing the installation. For this reason, on-site construction phase inspections by ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS's seasoned professionals are often considered the highest value service by our Customers. Depending on the individual project needs and Customer desires, ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS can provide any combination of the following construction phase services:

  • Assist Owner in preparing the Construction Contract between client and contractor.
  • Schedule and conduct pre-construction conference and progress meetings.
  • Review shop drawings and product submittals.
  • Conduct intermediate inspection of the project.
  • Process the progress payments and final inspection.
  • Provide full project management services Upon contractor's determination of substantial completion, prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and observe the correction and completion of work.

5) Property Loss Insurance Company Negotiation Services

ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS regularly assists Customers in obtaining fair insurance claims settlements by providing negotiation services to our Clients following an insurance claim. Typical services provided include:

  • Thorough assessment of the existing roof conditions and cause of damage.
  • Estimate of the value of the roof before the event took place.
  • Estimate of the value of the replacement roof, including assessment costs, design costs, code compliance considerations, and the current market conditions for roof repairs/replacements.
  • Assist the Customer in negotiating fair settlements with insurance carriers.
  • Design and monitor installation of new roof assembly, if required, to confirm to applicable requirements.

Moisture Intrusion Study/Expert Witness Testimony - $5.6 M Settlement

6) Facilities Asset Management Services ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS

develops customized Facility Asset Management Programs for Roofing, Waterproofing and Rooftop Mechanical Equipment. We also provide software for the client to maximize the benefits of Asset Management, with real-time access to standard reports made available through secure Web Portal reporting systems. Typical components of our asset management programs and related services include:

  • Electronic drawings of each roof area, including locations of all components and equipment.
  • Evaluate and estimate the remaining service life of the components and determine if maintainable or non-maintainable.
  • Database containing, type, name, size and location of each facility and roof area.
  • Historical database

Detailed cost estimates for maintenance, repair, and/or replacement options for roof areas requiring upgrades. Project priorities based on strategic value of facility or tenant space. Multi-year budget for implementing projects on a prioritized basis, integrated with the Client's annual budget constraints. Reports to track status of all projects and preventive maintenance work.

7) Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Services

Unfortunately, recent experiences have taught us that no one is immune from natural disasters. business losses can be staggering Phone lines and cell towers may be down. Previous assessment documentation and existing building drawings may be damaged or lost.

Are you prepared?
ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS has the experience to assist you in planning for the worst and helping in quick, efficient recovery operations following a natural disaster. On-call assessment teams can be quickly assigned to document damages and the cost to repair. Electronic databases or asset management programs can make document retrieval quick and easy, replacements, and insurance claim settlements can be expedited and your tenants can be back in business as soon as possible.

8) Laboratory and On-Site Testing Services

ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS also provides testing and laboratory services to evaluate material components, confirm initial field observations, and provide a conclusive basis for implementing cost-effective solutions to your roofing upgrade needs.

9) In-Progress Florida Building Code Compliance Inspection Services

  • Compliance with applicable NOA's
  • Conformance with RAS 115
  • Conformance with FBC Section 2322.2
  • Conformance with RAS 117
  • Compliance with applicable NOA's
  • Conformance with FBC Section 2322.2
  • Conformance with RAS 115 Section 5
  • Conformance with RAS 117
  • Compliance with TAS 106 Uplift Test Standards
  • Compliance with applicable NOA's
  • Conformance with RAS 150
  • Conformance with RAS 115

To expedite permit approvals, ALLIED ROOFING CONSULTANTS can also provide engineering assistance and Special Engineering Letters.




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