The Team

One team with one goal: To provide you with integrated, seamless roofing and waterproofing solutions from testing and assessments to design, construction and beyond.

Ms. Brooks is the principal owner of Allied Construction Consultants and Allied Roofing Consultants and Services, Inc. Her primary responsibilities include general business management, staffing and scheduling coordination, and supervision of consulting staff. With over 18 years of experience in construction project management, property management real estate appraisals and real estate development, she understands the entire life cycle needs of construction projects and maintains an owner's perspective as to the value provided by independent professional consultants and team members involved in large construction projects. Ms. Brooks' previous experience includes developing and managing large construction projects as Senior Vice President of Development and Construction. Her duties included site selection, project budget development, oversight of all architectural, engineering, and construction documents, bid reviews, and on-site project management. Ms. Brooks also understands the responsibilities and budgeting concerns of facilities managers.

Joanna Wade Brooks

Mr. Brooks, is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Brooks has an extensive knowledge pertaining to construction design and specifications. He also has knowledge and experience in designing, inspecting and project managing roofing application systems, waterproofing systems and vapor barriers. He is well versed in several computer programs geared towards field data in the construction. Mr. Brooks is also well versed in computer programs geared towards designing roofing application systems and building envelopes such as RoofCad, RoofWare, SpecLink, GENspecII, Estimating and Project Management Solutions, Digital Photo Studio, SightView Infrared Solutions, and Roof Express.

While working with Team Allied for approximately three years Mr. Brooks has been involved in assisting the development of Roof Express, which is a global positioning system designed to survey roofing application systems as well as log all existing inventory and penetrations into a web based server that can be accessed by the user in order to keep a complete web based data log of their roofing application systems. He has also been involved with assisting in the development of Roof Administrator which is a web based asset management program clients, contractors and consultants can use to keep track of their roof’s age, type, application, condition and any budgetary considerations. It can also be used for reviewing documents such as warranties, inspection reports and leak call information.

As a member of RCI (Roofing Consultants Institute) Mr. Brooks has completed the following courses: Roofing Technology and Science I and II, Rooftop Quality Assurance and Professional Roof Consulting. He is also an ASNT Certified Infrared Thermographer specializing in slope roofing.

While working with Team Allied Mr. Brooks has been involved in writing specifications, performing inspections and project managing the roofing and re-roofing of several large projects for Liberty Property Trust, Cushman & Wakefield, C.B. Richard Ellis and Associates, University of Central Florida Foundation, Towerhill Insurance Co., Florida Farm Insurance and Seagis Property Group LP.

Matthew J. Brooks RCI
Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer
Roof Consultant

With an extensive background in the exterior envelope of all types of facilities, Mr. Kurilla brings over 25 years of specialized experience involving the evaluation of existing building components, condition assessments, design, cost estimating, specifications development, and in-depth coordination of structural and mechanical requirements for a variety of roofing and exterior envelope projects around the country. His analytical experience and working knowledge of on-site and laboratory testing of roofing, waterproofing, masonry and curtain-wall systems also provides great value to TeamALLIED's clients. Mr. Kurilla's position with Crain Engineering, Inc. earlier in his career assisted in sharpening his areas of expertise. As a Roofing and Waterproofing Consultant, Mr. Kurilla was head of the department handling all facets of roofing and waterproofing issues. Widely recognized as a legal expert, he provides expert testimonies in many litigation cases that assist clients in monetary reparation. Mr. Kurilla has served on the Metro Dade County Product Approval Board, commissioned to study and test wind uplift design criteria for exterior building components, including testing and researching building product wind uplift capabilities and failures.

R Thomas Kurilla, RC, RO, WPC
Senior Roofing Consultant

Mr. Johnson has 25 years of experience in all facets of the roofing industry, including:

* 6 years as Principal of a commercial roofing/waterproofing consulting company;
* 14 years as an Officer in a leading commercial roofing construction firm;
* 3 years as Principal of a commercial roofing construction company; and
* 2 years as a roofing/waterproofing manufacturer's representative.

Mr. Johnson's background includes extensive experience in conducting roofing systems assessments, design, construction, and maintenance for both new and re-roofing projects using a variety of roofing systems. Based on his practical experience in construction and cost estimating for commercial roofing contracting firms, Mr. Johnson is very proficient at planning and budgeting cost effective methods to repair and/or replace roofing systems for existing buildings, as well as estimating the costs for new facility roofing and waterproofing systems. Mr. Johnson's consulting experience ranges geographically from Texas to South Florida, including many states in between. His experience in South Florida makes him very knowledgeable regarding the Florida Building Code and HVHZ design requirements as well as FM Insurance requirements. He is active in a number of professional organizations, including:

* National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)
* Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT)
* Construction Specifiers Institute (CSI)
* Roof Consultants Institute (RCI)

Michael W.Johnson
Senior Roofing Consultant

Mr. Benner is a member with the International Waterproofing Association (IWA) and Roofing Industry Education Institute (RIEI) and the Construction Specifiers Institute (CSI). His professional affiliations, coupled with over 15 years field experience as a roof and waterproofing forensics consultant, keeps him current with industry standards, codes, and testing requirements for a wide variety of roofing and exterior waterproofing applications. Mr. Benner has provided a wide variety of consulting services to the roofing industry, due to his practical knowledge of the Florida Building Code HVHZ design requirements, construction requirements and product approval process and applications.

Glenn Benner
Senior Project Manager

Mr. Minko, a graduate of General Studies from Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL, is well versed in roofing design and construction with an extensive technical background. Mr. Minko has completed two years of drafting and computer aided design (CAD) training, graduating with top honors. He is expert-like when regarding computer software as well as has a niche for the latest technological hardware. His knowledge in today’s latest roof assemblies and related components is extensive and ongoing. With experience acquiring field data during rooftop inspections along with project managing tear-off & re-roof, retrofit and coating applications, he has acquired a very thorough, in-depth knowledge in building envelopes and waterproofing practices. As a member of RCI (Roofing Consultants Institute), Mr. Minko has completed Roofing Technology and Science I. He has also been certified by Troxler Electronic Laboratories to perform non-destructive testing using the latest nuclear moisture gauges in the field. While working with Team Allied, Mr. Minko has been involved in writing specifications, performing inspections and project managing the roofing and re-roofing of multiple projects for Liberty Property Trust, Cushman & Wakefield University of Central Florida Foundation, C.B. Richard Ellis and Associates and Seagis Property Group LP.

Vince Minko
Consultant/Project Manager/CAD Technician

Mr. Miller, a graduate of Kent State University College of Business, specializes in the technical aspects of building roofing and exterior envelope field inspections, detailed assessments, testing, maintenance/ repair and replacement cost estimating, and project scheduling. He is well versed in various computer programs geared towards field data in the construction arena such as Excel, Access, C++, Visual Basic and Oracle, in addition to his knowledge of exterior envelope problematic issues and remedial solutions. While working with a large University who had time and budget constraints and serious life safety issues, Mike was able to obtain a realistic budget, prioritize remedial needs in a time frame that suited the budgetary constraints, with analysis data obtained from the site and local wage scales to formulate the plan of action, then monitor and document job progress through the completion the of project. Mr. Miller's technical applications provide a faster, more accurate report of conditions to our clients, such as the assessment of the roofing assemblies' useful life and annual maintenance costs compared to the cost of replacement of the assemblies. This imparts our client with important information for managing their facility assets, budgets, and schedules. With background education in computer system technology, data entry in a variety of programs and practical applications, Mr. Miller is an asset to our company. Mike has also brought a variety of business related skills, including accounting software applications, business and budget management, business law, cost, financial, and managerial accounting.

Michael P. Miller
Project Manager & Field Inspector

Mr. Benner is an experienced field technician, responsible for the accurate documentation of existing roofing conditions and deficiencies, as well as verification of existing drawings and the generation of site drawings as required. He is also well versed in conducting tile uplift testing and fastener withdrawal testing for re-roofing applications. Responsibilities as they relate to construction project monitoring and inspections include technical inspections and documentation/verification of site conditions as they relate to the published specifications and schedules. He is well versed in monitoring day to day project operations with timely progress reports which include photo documentation, daily log of conditions, problem resolution and communications with the client, contractor & Management. Mr. Benner is experienced in roofing, insulation and substructure as well as exterior building waterproofing from the perspective of a contractor, giving him a unique insight into the territory of roof consulting. At other firms, Nathan has been responsible for future forecasting of computer models based on multiple variables to establish accurate future trends utilized for budgetary planning and proposals. His unique background in both the world of contracting and computer enhanced extrapolated projections makes him invaluable to our clients in terms of practical application of raw data utilized to establish accurate project budgets and assessments. Nathan's skill and knowledge in electronics, computer software, accounting, business management and law, coupled with his practical experience in contracting, consulting and reporting, enable him to achieve exceptional results for our clients' needs. With the additional education of computer system technology, data entry in a variety of programs including Access, Excel and Storm (Future Trend Forecasting), as well as the associated practical applications thereof, Mr. Benner is an asset to our company and clients.

Nathan Benner
Field Inspector

Mr. Shutler is a Mechanical Engineer and certified Roofing Consultant with extensive experience in field inspections and roof sample collection, as well as laboratory testing. He is also quite experienced in field evaluations/condition assessments and surveys, and regularly performs repair specifications development, contract document preparation, contract administration and construction observation of repairs for industrial, institutional and commercial facilities. Mr. Shutler's work experience also includes the development of commercial and residential general construction requirements for the installation of doors, windows, roofing and stormwater drainage systems. Mr. Shutler is well versed and experienced in all facets of laboratory standards and procedures. He is responsible for identifying the type of tests to perform on samples, as well as insuring that all tests are performed according to standardized procedures.

Doug Shutler
Field Inspector and Laboratory Technician

Mr. O’Connor has 15 years experience in all facets of the roofing industry. Mr. O’Connor has performed project management as well as technical support for roofing manufactures and conducting final installation inspections for the manufactures for warranty approval. He has investigated warranty issues and submitted final inspection reports. His vast knowledge of many products and applications makes him a valuable team member. Mr. O’Conner has provided end to end consultation for various roofing and waterproofing projects, taking the projects from cost estimating and startup to in progress inspections and final inspections. His designation as a Registered Roof Observer enables him to perform roof inspections and leak investigations with a great degree of expertise to insure smooth project flow when managing repairs, as well as project management. Mr. O’Conner is continuously attending professional training and some of his educational classes include: Evaluation of Life Cycle Performance for Thermoplastic Roof Membranes.

* Water Proofing Education
* Single Ply Education Roofing
* White Reflective Roofing Education
* Cool Roof and Heat Island Effects
* An Understanding of FM Global Underwriters and Laboratories Testing


* Flat Roof Utilization of EPDM for Sustainable and Hail Resistance
* New Wind Design for Mechanically Attached Roof Systems
* EPDM Roof Membranes
* Long Term Roof Performance Revisited

Edward L. O’Connor
Senior Roofing Consultant

Specializing in specifications, scopes of work and serviceable life fo all types of roof systems, Mr. Ricketts brings 44 years experience within the roofing industry. In 1982 Mr. Ricketts became a State of Florida Registered roofing contractor. Mr. Ricketts is proficient in the installation of Built-up roof systems, single- ply roof systems both low slope and steep slope. In 1993 with expansion of his sheet metal expertise, Mr. Ricketts became a State of Florida Certified roofing contractor. Mr. Ricketts was appointed to the Orange County Board of Examiners for Roofing and Sheet Metal in 1989. Mr. Ricketts is very familiar with Florida Building Codes and Roof Material Manufacture requirements for application. Mr. Ricketts has work as a roof consultant for the past 14 years. His understanding of existing roof conditions allows him to assist commercial building owners and managers to work within current and future budgets to extend the serviceable life of their roof systems. Mr. Ricketts has been involved is all facets of roof installation, asset management of roof systems, on-site roof analysis as well as deck design criteria.

Ron Ricketts
Senior Roofing Consultant

Ms. Peters has a proven track record of achievement in project management, work and material scheduling, quality control inspections and leak detection. Ms. Peters has 24 years experience within the roofing industry, she has provided technical expertise within the United States and the Caribbean. She has managed projects that have exceeded one millions Sq.Ft. valued up to 2.4 million dollars In addition to the roof consulting, Ms. Peters has also managed roofing crews for FEMA and the Army Corp Engineers, managing upto five crews at one time. Ms. Peters has managed the roof assessment program for DardenRestaurants, Prologics, DCT, TIAA, CREF and UBS. She is proficient in the installation of single ply, BUR and also shingle roof systems. She has also been the head of a training program for roof observers and field technicians with two prior consulting firms. Some of Ms. Peters achievements and accreditations are:

* RRO with the Roof Consultants Institute
* OSHA Construction Training
* NAPW 2010-2011 Women of the Year for project management
* Certifications for multiple roofing systems, Firestone, Carlisle, Mansville, Tremco, GAF and Soprema.

Ms. Peters is very familiar with Florida Building Codes and Roof Material Manufacture requirements for application , her understanding of existing roof conditions allows her to assist commercial building owners and managers to work within current and future budgets to extend the serviceable life of their roof systems. Ms. Peters has been involved is all facets of roofinstallation, asset management of roof systems, on-site roof analysisas well as deck design criteria.  

Jayne Peters
Roof Consultant, Project Manager




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